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And the count down begins

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In a month’s time I will be showing at Tent London.”Officially the coolest new event in the London Calendar”, says the Evening Standard. The show is from 18th to 21st September at Truman Brewery, London. I’m busy making new work, holding discussions over the new website/ packaging/ press packs, doing photoshoots, sorting 300dpi images, lighting, van hire and a zillion other bits that seem to just crop with unerring regularity every day. But I’m loving the rush.

Speaking of photoshoots, I did the most fun photoshoot of my life last month. As a rule I hate photoshoots. In my fashion design days, doing a photoshoot used to mean managing models, perfect creases, make up while attemptiong to get fabulous images. Stressful would be a good word to describe it. Well, not so with Tas. Tas Kyprianou is a fantastic photographer and an absolute riot to work with . And the images…what can I say. Wait till the new website goes up!

In the midst of preps for the show, AK and I managed to take a brief holiday. We went to Edinburgh last week and caught some really cool shows. The Aluminium Show was this amazing interactive performance; The Bird, a play with deeply sensitive portrayals. Saw many other great shows. However, top of my list is my friend Uvi’s prawn curry. That by itself is reason enough to go to Edinburgh.

Talk the Walk

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My studio sits atop Sion Hill and overlooks the valley that cradles Bath. My daily walk to the studio is punctuated by looking up at the sky through tall trees lining the little lane that connects the Royal Avenue to the Royal Crescent; taking in the textures on the pavement; breathing in the lovely rose bush on the corner house; looking at the tiny wild flowers sprinkled all over the dazzling green grass. (How can green be so greeeeeeeeeen?!)

These and a hundred such details make my daily ritual a delight. By the time I get to the top of the hill, I’m invariably slightly out of breath (does it ever get easier?), but the views more that make up for the lactic acid crystals.

The walk back home is equally delightful, listening to the quiet rustling of leaves down the lane from school and then walking downhill by elegant Georgian houses. Watching tiny cycles or swanky sports cars parked outside, I love to imagine the lives of their owners. Walking past St James Square, I usually stop over at Quest Gallery. The Gallery hosts really exciting exhibitions and I am yet to find one that I have not enjoyed immensely. The one that’s on at the moment is Prints and Sculptures by Richard Watkins. Liked the prints.

I keep returning to one particular stretch of pavement. More on that in the next post.

Ek Taar

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Ek Taar, means a single strand of thread in Hindi. This blog is an attempt to untangle interwoven, entangled masses of my thought strands and examine them at leisure. A bit like Dumbledore teasing out strands of memories from his pensieve and reviewing them. Strands of inspiration, travel, design, art, craft, poetry, fashion, textiles, architecture, diaspora, identity will be unpicked, unravelled & examined. Some will get woven back while others will perhaps be discarded for fresh ones.

Taar also means a telegram. In that almost-forgotten era when telephones didn’t exist, a taar was what you dispatched to get your message sent swiftly. It seems appropriate then, to call the first post that. A short message sent swiftly.

So here’s to inspired unpicking and unravelling.