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Etsy Four Corners of Craft at Tent London, LDF15

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The photographs of our show at Etsy Four Corners of Craft at Tent London London Design Festival in Sept 2015 are finally here. Gorgeously shot by Yeshen Venema, they make a stunning archive of the exhibition.

Four Corners was the first maker development and exhibition project of this kind at Etsy. Over the course of almost a year, it brought together the many partner organisations and selected 45 makers (from 1000 applications) to represent the cream of the crop of UK contemporary craft at London Design Festival”, says Sarah Hewett, International Community Programmes Specialist.

It was such a privilege being a part of this fantastic show. Thank you everyone who came and supported us.

Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 20

Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 109 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 108 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 43 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 33 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 21 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 26

Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 56

ETSY Four Corners of Craft 2015

ETSY Four Corners of Craft 2015

ETSY Four Corners of Craft 2015

ETSY Four Corners of Craft 2015

Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft-PV 23 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft-PV 15 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft-PV 8 Copy of ETSY-Four-Corners-of-Craft 78

Featured in Embroidery Magazine July 2015

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We are delighted to be featured in Embroidery Magazine’s July Issue as one of the ‘Art in Action stars’! Come and see the work and say hello next week at Art in Action, open 16-19 July 2015 at Waterperry Gardens, Near Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1LG.


Ekta Kaul in EMbroidery Magazine

Ekta Kaul in Embroidery Magazine, July/Aug 2015

Ekta Kaul Cashmere Scarves At Designers Guild

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Our new collection of handwoven cashmere scarves is available to buy at the Designers Guilds beautiful King’s Road store.  We love Designers Guild’s sophisticated style and bold approach to colour & think our jewel coloured cashmere scarves fit right in! More about Designers Guild here. 



Cobalt & Emerald Cashmere scarf. More pictures coming soon.

New Studio

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After 4 happy years at Livingstone Studio in Hampstead, we have moved to a new studio at Cockpit Arts Holborn (STUDIO E2R). Cockpit Arts is an award winning business incubator for creative businesses with a vibrant community of 150 designer-makers in Central London. We are so excited to be part of it! Come and visit us next weekend 28-30 Nov at the open studios.



Cockpit Arts Open Studios 28-30 Nov 2014

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OPEN STUDIOS 28-30  NOV 2014

We would like to invite you to our Open Studios at Cockpit Arts Holborn. Come and see our new studio and work.

 Studio E2R
Cockpit Arts Holborn
Cockpit Yard
Northington Street
London WC1N 2NP

28-30 Nov 2014 | Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm Tickets at the door are £5.

We look  forward to seeing many of you at the Open Studios.

Craft into Industry Private View

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Despite the tube strike & stormy wet weather, a bunch of us braved the elements to get to the private view of  Craft into Industry and were rewarded with a beautiful exhibition at the Contemporary Applied Arts’ new gallery. Curated by Sue Pryke and  Brian Kennedy two stalwart designers/curators whose work I hugely admire, this exhibition explores the possibilities between studio practices and the ceramic industry.  My textiles were shown alongside work from a wide range of disciplines.  The exhibition was originally presented at the British Ceramic Biennial at Stoke-on-Trent last year. I was not able to get up there, so was really looking forward to when the show came down to London. I found my work displayed in the Surface section along with ceramics which focus on surfaces. I was thrilled to see the lovely quote for the Surface section that begins with a description of my work,

A line of thread across a piece of fabric, a brush mark across a sheet of paper, repeated actions over a lifetime of creation offers a myriad of possibilities for decorative solutions to the objects we use every day.”

Thank you Sue Pryke, Brian Kennedy & the lovely team at CAA.

The exhibition is open till 30th March 2014 at the CAA, 89 Southwark Street, London.