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Ek Taar

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Ek Taar, means a single strand of thread in Hindi. This blog is an attempt to untangle interwoven, entangled masses of my thought strands and examine them at leisure. A bit like Dumbledore teasing out strands of memories from his pensieve and reviewing them. Strands of inspiration, travel, design, art, craft, poetry, fashion, textiles, architecture, diaspora, identity will be unpicked, unravelled & examined. Some will get woven back while others will perhaps be discarded for fresh ones.

Taar also means a telegram. In that almost-forgotten era when telephones didn’t exist, a taar was what you dispatched to get your message sent swiftly. It seems appropriate then, to call the first post that. A short message sent swiftly.

So here’s to inspired unpicking and unravelling.