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Featured in Selvedge Magazine - Ekta Kaul

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Thrilled to be featured in Selvedge Magazine’s May/June issue! I’ve drooled over Selvedge’s beautiful pages since my students days at Design school, the very best in textiles. What a delight to be in it.


Ekta Kaul i

Thank you fab folks at Selvedge for such a lovely feature:

“For the first week of May, the luxury handmade textiles of Ekta Kaul will be exhibited at the Oxo Tower Gallery as part of London Craft Week. Having originally trained in fashion at the National Institute of Design, India, Kaul’s focus on textiles began when she won scholarships to travel to the UK, and here she pursued her successful career in textile design. Now an award-winning designer running a London-based studio, her textiles focus on simplicity and craftsmanship, designing scarves, pillows and blankets that feature bold colours and graphic illustrations telling stories with unified elegance. Kaul is hailed as a truly unique artisan with the ability to blend influences from both India and the UK. Only using luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk and wool, she embroiders, hand-dyes and prints her textiles using traditional craft methods that highly value the expert level of skill inherent to textile design. London Craft Week takes place from 3-7 May 2017 www.londoncraftweek.com”