Here’s what the press, our happy customers and gallerists say about us:

“An award-winning designer running a London-based studio, her textiles focus on simplicity and craftsmanship, designing scarves, pillows and blankets that feature bold colours and graphic illustrations telling stories with unified elegance. Kaul is hailed as a truly unique artisan with the ability to blend influences from both India and the UK. Only using luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk and wool, she embroiders, hand-dyes and prints her textiles using traditional craft methods that highly value the expert level of skill inherent to textile design.”

Selvedge Magazine

“Ekta’s work is irresistible, her work in cashmere is of the finest quality, incredibly comforting and a work of art all in one – it’s the attention to detail that makes it really special.  The woollen scarves are playful and incredibly versatile, a real wardrobe classic.”

Christina Jansen, Director, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

“With over 30 years experience in the contemporary craft sector as Director of Bluecoat Display Centre, and regularly showing over 350 carefully selected designers of quality and originality, I have to confess that the stunning textiles by Ekta Kaul are definitely in my top ten. I’m lucky enough to possess one of her amazing wraps, and it cheers me up no end on cold winter days”

Dr Maureen Bampton, Director, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

“Beautiful elegant designs. My daughter will love her scarf!”

Sue Biyon, Newport.

“I just bought a gorgeous cashmere scarf of yours from the CAA gallery. It is half off-white and half dip dyed (I imagine) a north-sea green/grey blue. The tasseled ends are more of a royal blue and the weave has a very subtle diamond pattern. I bought it as a birthday gift and I’m very happy to give such lovely craftsmanship.”

Tom Raymont, London

“Amazing execution of simple ideas. Beautiful sophisticated outcomes!”

Heather Bambury, Bucks.