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Posted by | October 01, 2008 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Victor and Rolf are one my favourite designers, I love their work. Caught their first ever exhibition in the UK at the Barbican Art Gallery just in time. Thank God for late night openings!

The exhibition was absolutely amazing! There was a huge doll house just as you walked in, with signature pieces of Victor and Rolf’s collections over the past 15 years showcased on dolls. Each doll was made to resemble the original model who had worn it on the catwalk. The dolls and miniature garments were specially commissioned for the show. And then there was my favourite Russian Doll collection (1999–2000). Turning the Russian Dolls idea on its head, a single model was dressed by Viktor & Rolf into couture dresses of increasing length and complexity. This collection was displayed on life-size dolls, making the installation seem as though you’d almost walked into a doll house.

I could’ve spent the whole night there.